Why Us

The internet has come a long way since the 90's, and its power provides businesses with unlimited possibilities. What we aim to do is provide you the unlimited possibilities through hard work and dedication to you and your brand. Having a well-balanced approach at product delivery can be a difficult task, but our development model is based on years of experience working with numerous clients in a variety of fields. Fulfilling multiple roles can be very challenging for many web development firms, yet our portfolio shows we are capable of delivering on even the most difficult of tasks. No matter what your brand is or what approach you want to take, we are here to deliver.

Our Approach

Tackling the most difficult web development jobs requires a good understanding of technologies as well as what should be implemented into any given task, and provides for careful planning. We have devised a 6 stage approach to development for any given project, allowing us to focus on all elements of your site, no matter how big or small each detail may be. It is important to respond to each element, allowing for and guaranteeing that you receive the best result.

Studio Invisions Stages of Web Development

Stage one of development is where we consult with you and your team about what you need so we can get a perfect understanding of your vision. Stage one is a process that lasts until the end of the project... through constant communication with you, we are able to make sure all deliverables and milestones are met, while at the same time guaranteeing the vision you have. Stage two is where we take your ideas and plan out the best line of approach, making recommendations on the necessary platform and other technologies, compile a list of deliverables, and map out the milestones. Once we have laid out the line of attack, we enter Stage three, which is where we create and provide you with a rough interpretation of the project. This is just a general visual approach so that we are on the same page as you. We may go through several renditions in this stage to assure we get all the details incorporated into the layout. After the necessary wireframe models have been made to match your needs, this is where the real fun begins. Stage four of development is where we bring your project to life, and involves:

  • Mockup Design
  • General Template Creation with HTML and CSS
  • Template Converted Into CMS Theme (if applicable)
  • Content Incorporation
  • Custom Image Creation
  • Javascript Development

At this stage of development, communication is key to successfully delivering on all your needs. Through constant communication, we are able to make sure all milestones are met, from Mockup Design, to Template Creation and Content Implementation. We incorporate all the objectives and elements discussed in the previous stages into a fully functional product. Once all elements are complete, we go through an extensive testing process (Stage five). After the Quality Control Check and Review process is completed on our end, we turn the site over to you for final review (Stage six). Any final changes and tweaks are made in this stage, and once all tweaks and edits are complete, your project is complete.

Although our approach may appear to be time consuming, it has been developed and proven to provide the best result on all projects. We strive to provide the best work in the industry, and for years we have done so. Our portfolio speaks for itself, and our long list of clients proves our dedication to providing the best in the web development industry.

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